What is Tesla PPF Cost?

Tesla PPF is a Paint Protection Film that is aimed at protecting your Tesla from snow, salt, sand and small debris. It protects your car from stones, chips and driving conditions that increase wear and tear. PPF is normally used on high-end cars to make them look shiny and new for longer.

PPF wraps are not obligatory for your Tesla. But it does protect your car from potential scratches and scrapes. Tesla also recommends that you put on a PPF cover for your car because it makes it look like new for longer and increases the resale value of your car.
A PPF wrap can be quite expensive, but consider it an investment. A PPF cover will save you from spending on future bodywork and paintwork, increase your car’s value and give you peace of mind.

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The cost of protecting your car with a Paint Protection Film varies between $900 to $8000. The cost differs dependent on many factors like your Tesla model, the PPF coverage, where you are getting the job done and also the type of PPF you choose.
The average cost to get your Model Y completely wrapped is $7000, and the front-end wrap is $3000.

Factors That Affect Tesla PPF Cost(Paint Protection Film)

Your Tesla Model

A Tesla Model Y can cost around $7000 for a full wrap, and a Model 3 wrap will cost a bit less.

The PPF coverage

The cost of PPF also depends on how much of the vehicle you want to cover with the film. The average cost of having full body coverage where every inch of external paint is covered with PPF is $7500.

Tesla PPF cost

You could choose to only cover your front and Rocker. This would cost you an average of $3250. Coverage includes the front bumper, fenders, hood, mirror caps, rocker panels, behind rear wheels, headlights, rear luggage loading trunk strip, fog lights and headlights.

A full front coverage that includes the front bumper, fenders, hood, mirror caps, fog lights and headlights will cost an average of $2500.
A less expensive coverage that includes only the front bumper, partial fenders and partial hood will cost you $1450.

Your car’s condition

The condition of your car is also a deciding factor for the cost of PPF. Basically, the rougher in shape your car is, the more the PPF cover would cost you. This is because it is easier to put on the PPF on cars that are in perfect condition than on surfaces that have dents and scratches. You might be charged for the additional labor because it covering a damaged car with PPF is more difficult. Some body shops may ask you to have all the dents repaired before you do the PPF wrap.

Where you are getting the job done

If you are getting your Tesla PPF wrapped in a highly professional Tesla-approved body shop, you will have to spend more. These places use special equipment and techniques for PPF wraps, but it also means that the work will be long-lasting and of excellent quality.

You may also get the job done well enough at regular body shops for a lower price.
In addition, there are also various DIY options available that will help you get the job done at a much lower price.

The type of PPF you want

The cost of the PPF differs according to its quality. The better the quality and the more protection the PPF offers, the more expensive it is to have your car wrapped. The most expensive PPF is called TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane). The cheapest option is PVC or Polyvinyl Chloride. The middle option is TPH. TPH is a combination of TPU and PVC.

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Tesla PPF cost: Summary.

The Tesla PPF cost varies according to many factors like the condition of your car, how much of the car you want to be wrapped, the body shop you choose and the type of PPF. You can expect to spend between $900 to $8000 to have your car PPF wrapped. A complete PPF wrap for a model Y will cost around $7000.

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