The Tesla is the forerunner in the Electric vehicle market today. And when a person buys a Tesla, their intentions are not always green. A Tesla is more about the economy, new smart technology, and the latest fashion trends. In this article I will answer questions like why are Tesla Cars better than regular cars?, is it better to drive an electric vehicle than an ICE car? And is Tesla better than EVs from other competing companies?


Comparing EVs with ICE Cars

After years of polluting our planet, humans are now scrambling for ways to make amends for the damage done. And the introduction of Electric cars is one of these ways. Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) cars are one of the biggest contributors to the world’s greenhouse gases, so in terms of environmental safety driving electric vehicles is better.
While most people in the United States are switching to electric cars, the rest of the world is slower in following suit. In developing countries, an ICE car is still the most reliable and economical option.

In terms of functionality, reliability, speed, and long-lastingness, I think EVs haven’t matched ICE cars yet. But I can safely say that electric vehicles, especially Teslas are fast on the road to improvement. In a few more decades, electric cars would have overcome all their shortcomings with functionality, reliability, and speed and will become the primary means of transport around the world.

why are tesla cars better than regular cars

In spite of widespread media favor towards electric vehicle cars, there are still many who would swear by the good-old internal combustion car. Their claim is that an electric vehicle is not as long-lasting as an ICE car and not cheap either. Most of their claims may be valid. While electric vehicle drivers can definitely save money on gas, they may be spending more on vehicle repairs, battery replacements, and installing EV charging units at home.

But arguments aside, here are some speculations on why driving a Tesla is better than other regular cars.

Why Are Tesla Cars Better Than Regular Cars?

Tesla Cars are environmentally friendly

Tesla cars and all electric cars for that matter are more environmentally friendly than internal combustion cars. This is because they work on the electric power of a battery and don’t emit harmful greenhouse gases like ICE cars.

Notions of sustainability differ from person to person. Some may argue that the manufacturing of batteries and electric cars is more environmentally damaging than ICE cars. But the facts remain. EVs don’t cause pollution when they are driven. And electricity is a renewable resource. They don’t deplete the earth’s petroleum like ICE cars. And switching to a Tesla is a smart choice because we are most like to run out of petroleum in a few decades anyway.

so if you are environmentally concerned, a Tesla is a good choice for you. It leaves a cleaner carbon footprint in your wake.

Tesla Cars are smart cars with the latest smart technology

One of the coolest things about driving a Tesla is the smart technology. Some of its smart features include auto navigation, voice recognition and control, automatic climate control, and smart apps to unlock the car remotely, check battery charge, and plan charging routes.

One of the best features of a Tesla is its unfailing autopilot technology. A Tesla is equipped with multiple sensors and cameras that can cleverly navigate through traffic, understand traffic light signals and use Google Maps to reach the destination easily. With a Tesla, you don’t really have to drive. Switch it on autopilot, ask the car to play your favorite music, and relax.

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Tesla also has a wide touchscreen that is the central control unit of the car. You can use the screen to change your climate settings, check your battery, use Google Maps, and play music and videos.

Tesla Cars are energy efficient

Tesla battery technology allows you to drive long distances on a single charge. Tesla batteries are made of lithium-ion cells that provide the car with the impressive energy required for speeding.

It also has high torque. Torque refers to the ability to accelerate from zero speed to 100 mph or more within a matter of seconds.

Tesla cars are more energy efficient because they have fewer moving parts than ICE cars. The car utilizes energy-saving technology that saves battery power when not in use. The autonomous climate control system also adjusts air-conditioning and heat according to what is necessary, hence helping to save energy.

Tesla cars will save you money

Tesla cars once used to be those high-end cars that only an elite few could afford. But with the recent price slashes by the Tesla company, not only is a Tesla more affordable but is fast becoming the cheapest EV on the market. A Tesla Model Y can now be bought for just $42,500.

And of course, the biggest reason why anyone goes for a Tesla is that they can save money on gas. Previously, the only reason to buy a Tesla was sustainability. But today, they are proving to be more economical too.

People used to buy EVs in the hope that the money saved through gas will make up for the initial cost of purchase. But after Tesla has lowered their prices significantly, the initial purchase cost is no longer a matter of concern.

The money saved on gas per year will be massive since petroleum prices have risen too. Yes, you do have to spend on installing an EV charging unit in your home but think of it as an investment for more savings in the future.
Please read ‘Why are Teslas so cheap?’ for more information.

Supercharging network

Driving an electric car can be troublesome if the battery dies on you suddenly on the roadside. But that’s to the Tesla supercharging network, you can plan your next charging session and even change your car mode to conserve energy till you reach the closet unit.
A downside of charging EVs is that it takes more time than pumping gas for your vehicle. But the supercharging option helps overcome this. A Tesla can be charged from zero to full with a supercharger in just 15-20 minutes.

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The supercharging network is widespread and dotted over most parts of the United States. Finding a charging unit is easy with the help of the Tesla Supercharging app and going for long tours with a Tesla is now possible.

Tesla boasts a bioweapon defense mode

This is an important feature for EV drivers after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Most Tesla cars like the Model Y, Model X, Model S, and Model 3 are all equipped with a HEPA filtration system. This system filters the air that gets into the car and prevents toxic chemicals from getting inside. So you can safely drive a Tesla through pollution-filled traffic jams and not be concerned.

Teslas have unique features like a ‘dog mode’ and in-car karaoke.

As funny and insensible as it seems, these are features that make a Tesla unique when compared to other cars. The dog mode helps to regulate the temperature of the car to keep your family friend at an ideal temperature and avoid overheating.
And Tesla has also taken a step further when it released a feature that allows users to watch their dog in the car using real-time. It transmits a live feed from the cabin camera to the user’s mobile phone.
The fart mode of the car is a feature that allows your car to make a sound like it’s breaking wind. The driver can even adjust settings for the sound to come from a specific seat or direction.

Here are some of Tesla’s other unique features.

So in conclusion: Why Are Tesla Cars Better Than Regular Cars?

Teslas are proving to be better than other electric vehicles and gasoline-powered cars because of their unique features. They are enabled with smart driving technology, high torque, and autopilot. And to top it all, they are cheaper than other cars, save you money spent on gasoline, and are environmentally friendly too. You no longer have to worry about your car battery running down due to their intensive supercharging network.

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