Does Blacked Out Tesla Look Good?

All Tesla models, including the Model 3, Y and Model S, will be blacked out. These sleek and stunning new looks will sport blacked out windows, door handles and front lines without any chrome elements. And yes, this makes the car look more luxurious and handsome than ever!

Everything You Need to Know About Blacked Out Tesla

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Having your Tesla completely blacked out and murdered is intensely cool on the road. But you have to make sure you do the right amount of tint that is legal in your state.
There are many ways to get Chrome deletes, and they don’t cost much. While the exact cost of chrome deletes will vary depending on the quality, type of work, and the body shop you choose, you can expect to spend around $500 to $1000 to get your Model 3 blacked out.

One way you can get a chrome delete is by getting a vinyl wrap. Another way is to paint your chrome trims and emblems. But painting is not very recommended as it’s less durable and more expensive. The painting is also prone to chipping and exposure of underlying chrome in just six months.

Most Tesla-authorized body shops discourage painting for chrome deletes. However, you can make the painting more durable by having the job done in an authorized Tesla body shop. To prevent chipping, the area must first be dechromed, then primer and treated with rust prevention products and painted only afterward. This process is irreversible.

Your best option, in my opinion, therefore, is to go for a vinyl chrome delete that can successfully black out your Tesla without impacting its resale value. Vinyl chrome deletes are durable, high quality, and can also be removed from your Tesla without creating any permanent damage.

Before you consider going for a blacked out Tesla, consider how your car will look with the whole package. Your interior color and wheels must match your vehicle’s new style. An Areo 18” wheels can clash with a chrome delete.

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You can also purchase some DIY chrome delete kits online for much cheaper than the usual cost for a blacked out Tesla. You can get one for less than $200 from Kenriko.
But be aware. Installing the vinyl wraps yourself will be a lot of hard work for an amateur. If you feel you cannot do the job yourself, save your time and energy by taking your car to a reputed body shop.

Chrome deletes in all Tesla models require a lot of work. There is a lot you need to cover before you achieve a completely blacked out Tesla. You will have to cover the mirrors, top trim, front door trim, back door trim, Tesla emblems on the frunk and the trunk, door handles, and side indicators and also tint the headlights and fog lights. It’s a lot of intricate labor.

One way to keep your chrome deletes permanent and have your Tesla blacked out forever is to have a ceramic coating. A ceramic coating will protect your chrome deletes and also protect the rest of your Tesla car’s body.

Ceramic coatings are hydrophobic, making your car look sleeker and shinier. It prevents contamination, wear and tear, and scratches and offers UV protection.

Driving a blacked out Tesla: Warning!

I have previously covered an article about the safest car colors to drive on the road, and let me let you know that black is NOT one of them. In fact, driving a black can make you more prone to accidents and is cited as one of the most dangerous colors for a car. Believe it or not! Various research has proved this true; car color is one of the factors in an accident. Read this article for more information.

Black is considered dangerous because it blends easily into the color of the road and its surroundings. Unless, of course, you are driving on snow. Black cars tend to become more invisible at night, and oncoming vehicles and pedestrians have a hard time spotting the car, especially at bends.

So when you are completely blacking out your Tesla, you are potentially making it more dangerous and invisible on the road. Just keep this in mind before you go ahead with your Chrome deletes.

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Blacked Out Tesla: Summary

A blacked out Tesla looks much sleeker, shiny and more luxurious than regular Tesla cars. There are many ways to get chrome deletes, and Vinyl wraps are the most recommended. Vinyl is more long-lasting and does not affect the resale value of the car as it can be removed easily.

Having a ceramic coating over your chrome deletes will make them more long-lasting and protect your car body from wear and tear. Also, keep in mind that a completely blacked out Tesla may not be very safe on the road as it blends too much with the road and surroundings, especially at night. Black is considered the most dangerous car color in terms of road safety.

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