How to Reset Tesla Heated Seats – Introduction

How to Reset Tesla Heated Seats

So you’re driving in your Tesla, and everything is going great, except for one thing – your heated seats seem malfunctioning. Before you start panicking, there’s an easy fix! In this blog post, we will show you how to reset your Tesla’s heated seats in just a few simple steps.

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Resetting your Tesla’s heated seats can be a simple process and can be done in just a few steps. Here are the guidelines on how to reset Tesla’s heated seats.

Step 1: Park and Power On Your Tesla

First things first, park your Tesla in a safe location and turn it on. You should be greeted by the dashboard display, where you’ll do most of the work.

Step 2: Locate and Tap the Controls Button

Next, locate the touchscreen display on your Tesla dashboard and tap the controls button. Easy peasy!

Step 3: Tap on the Climate Button

Once you’re in the controls menu, tap on the climate button to bring up all the climate control settings. This is where you can adjust everything from temperature to fan speed.

Step 4: Locate and Tap on the seat Button

Now that you’re in the climate control settings menu, locate the seat button and tap on it. Here’s where we get into resetting those heated seats!

Step 5: Turn Off Seat Heating for Both Driver and Passenger Seats

If your seats are turned on with heating enabled, turn them off for the driver and passenger seats. It takes just a quick tap of a button.

Step 6: Wait a Few Seconds and Turn the Seat Heating Back On

This step might sound silly, but trust us – it works! After turning off seat heating for both driver and passenger seats, wait a few seconds (around 10-15 should do it) before turning them back on again.

Step 7: Test Heated Seats by Adjusting the Temperature

Finally, test out your heated seats by adjusting the temperature and checking if they heat up correctly. If they do, congratulations! You’ve successfully reset your Tesla’s heated seats.

What If the Reset Process Doesn’t Work?

Sometimes things don’t go as planned, and that’s okay. That’s why knowing what to do if your Tesla’s heated seats are acting up is important. If the reset process doesn’t work, don’t worry – you can try a few other things. First, restart your Tesla vehicle and try the reset process again. If that doesn’t work, contact Tesla customer support for further assistance.

Restart Your Tesla

If the reset process doesn’t work, your first course of action should be to restart your Tesla. This will help refresh the system and may resolve any issues causing your heated seats to malfunction. Once your vehicle has restarted, try the reset process again.

Contact Tesla Customer Support

If restarting your vehicle doesn’t work, then it’s time to contact Tesla customer support. They can provide further assistance or schedule an appointment with a certified technician to diagnose and fix the issue.

Always Consult Your User Manual

It’s important to remember that while these steps should work for most Tesla models and versions, the process may vary depending on your specific vehicle. Always consult your user manual for specific instructions or guidelines on resetting your heated seats to be safe.


This blog post has helped show you how to reset your Tesla’s heated seats. Remember that you can restart your vehicle or contact customer support for assistance if the reset process doesn’t work. And as always, consult your user manual for any specific instructions or guidelines on troubleshooting issues with your Tesla. Happy driving! 

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