Tesla Superbottle development marks a turning point in converting conventional coolant tanks into sophisticated thermal management systems. A patented invention, the Tesla Superbottle, combines two electric water pumps with an electronic controller, a switching valve, and a chiller. By effectively utilizing the waste heat from the drive motor and other components to heat the battery at low ambient temperatures, this particular innovation aids Tesla in fully realizing the benefits of vertical integration. 

Sandy Munro of Munro & Associates and Tesla owner Sean Mitchell recently cited the Model 3’s “Tesla Superbottle” as one of the most cutting-edge characteristics among its distinctive features. The Model 3’s cooling system is likely the most distinctive in the industry since it combines two pumps, a heat exchanger, and a coolant valve in a single cleverly-designed bottle.

Tesla Superbottle
Tesla Superbottle


Tesla Superbottle

The two operating modes of the Tesla Superbottle are cooling mode and heating mode. 

  1. Cooling Mode – There are two pathways for the coolant. The battery is cooled using a chiller in the first channel, while electronic equipment is cooled using a radiator in the second. 
  2. Heating Mode

How Does the Cooling Mode Work?

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As previously explained, the battery in the first path is cooled using the chiller. The coolant is poured into the coolant tank by the electronic pump after absorbing heat from the battery. The coolant is cooled, and then, with the help of the e-water pump, the cooled coolant is reintroduced to the battery pack to cool the battery once again. The battery can continue to cool thanks to this cycle.

Regarding the second path, the electronic equipment is cooled by a radiator. After the coolant absorbs heat from the electronic equipment and the drive unit (including the motor), it is pumped into the coolant tank under the action of the e-water pump, and heat is dissipated in the process. The cooling device cools the coolant, and the cooled coolant is then returned to the electronic equipment under the action of the e-water pump to continue to cool the electronic equipment. In this way, the electronic equipment and the drive unit can be cooled by circulating operation.

How Does the Heating Mode Work?

The coolant enters the management module, absorbing the heat produced during operation. Then it enters the oil cooling heat exchanger of the drive unit (drive motor, etc.), where it also absorbs the heat produced during operation, thanks to the activity of the e-water pump. The heat (Joule heat) then passes via the integrated valve in the chiller and heats the battery.

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How Does Tesla Superbottle Differ From Others?

Tesla receives a lot of criticism because the business and Elon Musk, its CEO, appear steadfastly determined to reinvent the wheel. Tesla moves further apart from conventional automakers with each new vehicle it releases. The business is now creating a figuratively enormous casting machine for its Model Y crossover, which is anticipated to minimize the number of parts for the car, is an example of this. And that’s only the beginning; Tesla is also creating its unique silicon for its complete self-driving programs. 

The Superbottle is an excellent illustration of how Tesla collaborates with other automakers while the traditional ones do not. Many boundaries are crossed by that Superbottle but not here. Three cooling systems are present in the Chevy Bolt: one for the battery pack, one for the interior, and one for the electronics. With the Model 3, this is not the case because of how the Tesla Superbottle operates the cabin, the entire cooling system of the whole vehicle, the battery pack, and the electronics included. 

Along with the vertical integration displayed in the Superbottle, another absent aspect of Tesla is the company’s evident support for creativity among its engineers and designers.

Benefits of Tesla Superbottle

Tesla Superbottle gives several advantages for Tesla, such as increased modularity and packaging space, potential weight savings, reduced final assembly costs, and reduced final assembly time, to name a few. 

Final Word on Tesla Superbottle 

Most new energy vehicle cooling systems still need to possess the sophistication and integration of the Tesla Superbottle. However, the Tesla Super Bottle represents a future trend in thermal management systems. A basic automobile cooling circuit consists of a bottle, pump, hoses, heat exchangers, and sometimes some form of valve. The bottle adds coolant to the system and actively removes air bubbles that could cavitate pumps or cause components to overheat. The components are frequently packed separately, each with specific mounting requirements and a designated location for packaging (plus clearance requirements), usually in the engine bay.


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