In late 2020, Tesla introduced a new feature known as the Tesla Boombox Sounds. Tesla owners can enjoy the Boombox feature that enables them to use their car’s external speakers to play diverse sounds and audio clips. This feature lets you transform your car into a portable speaker system.


What are Tesla Boombox Sounds?

tesla boombox sounds

Boombox is a great app on Toybox that lets you listen to your favorite music or podcasts through your Tesla’s outdoor speakers. But it’s important to know that you can only use this option when your car is in Park. 

Boombox mode is a great feature of Tesla that lets you relax and listen to your favorite music through the PWS speakers outside your car. In the past, people used this fun function to make funny sounds while they were moving. But a recall was started because the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) had safety worries. At the moment, you can only use the Boombox mode option when your Tesla is stopped and the gear shift is in the Park position. 

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Usage of Tesla Boombox sounds?

tesla boombox sounds

Tesla owners have the exciting option of utilizing the Boombox feature, which offers a variety of pre-installed sounds to choose from. These sounds include pedestrian warning sounds, custom horn sounds, and even the ability to upload personal audio files. The main purpose of this feature is to provide an entertaining experience for Tesla owners. It enables them to customize their vehicle’s sound according to their preferences, adding a personal touch to their driving experience.

How to use Boombox?

With the help of Boombox, you can now enjoy playing external sounds through the Pedestrian Warning System (PWS) speaker while your Model 3 is parked.

  • Please press the play button to start playing the current media.
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What is the use of a Boombox in Tesla?

tesla boombox sounds

With the help of Boombox, you can easily play external sound through the Pedestrian Warning System (PWS) speaker while your Model 3 is parked. To begin playing the currently selected media, press the play button. With Megaphone, you can easily amplify and modulate your voice to project it over a greater distance. This handy device lets you hear loud and clear, even in noisy environments. Speak into the Megaphone and let it do the rest!

Can you use Tesla Boombox while driving?

Are you curious to know if Boombox is still accessible on Tesla vehicles? Yes, it is. But under lots of rules and regulations.

The Tesla Model S, 3, X, and Y all have the exciting Boombox mode feature.

Why did Tesla disable Boombox?

Boombox is a technology that can improve the visibility of a vehicle to pedestrians. However, it is important to note that using Boombox while the vehicle is in motion may result in the PWS (Pedestrian Warning System) not meeting FMVSS 141 compliance standards. This could lead to an increased risk of collisions. Tesla has confirmed that there have been no incidents of crashes, injuries, or fatalities associated with this particular condition.

Does Tesla still have Boombox mode?

Recently, a recall was announced for more than 500,000 vehicles due to an issue with the Boombox mode. However, it’s worth noting that you can still utilize the Tesla Boombox mode despite this recall. 

The primary concern revolved around ensuring the safety of pedestrians. Due to the fact that electric vehicles operate much more quietly than traditional gas-powered cars, it is mandatory by Federal law for them to emit a sound to alert pedestrians of their presence. This is done to ensure the safety of those walking nearby and to prevent any potential accidents or collisions. The system that alerts pedestrians is commonly known as a Pedestrian Warning System (PWS). 

Concerns have been raised by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) over the possibility that the Boombox mode function might compromise the performance of Pedestrian Warning Systems (PWS). As a result, the NHTSA has issued a recall. This decision was made after careful evaluation and analysis by the NHTSA. Tesla responded to the issue by releasing a software update that restricts the use of Boombox mode to only when the vehicle is in Park. This update was provided to users at no cost. 

It is always advisable to verify the regulations in your area before utilizing Boombox in a public setting. 


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