Model 3 Cruise Control Unavailable or Tesla cruise control unavailable can be familiar to some of you who own a Tesla vehicle. If you’ve seen this error message before, you might have noticed that while cruise control is still unavailable, your car’s visualizations operate normally. This article will provide you with some understanding of the reasons for the Model 3 Cruise Control Unavailable status.


Model 3 Cruise Control Unavailable

The Autopilot feature, which includes Traffic-Aware cruise control, may occasionally become unavailable for various reasons, according to the Tesla official website. There are several reasons why Tesla’s cruise control system might stop working, including the following.

Model 3 Cruise Control Unavailable
Model 3 Cruise Control Unavailable
  1. Radar or sensor visibility is poor.
  2. On the surface of the camera, dirt or debris.
  3. Angular glare from another light source or bright sunlight.
  4. Water droplets or mist condensation on the camera’s surface.
  5. Camera calibration needs to be completed.

However, the feature ought to automatically restore itself on your next drive. However, there are times when the feature might not work automatically, and manual configurations might be needed. It is very vital to identify that your car can still drive without the cruise control feature, allowing you to finish your journey safely. However, it is essential to fix your Tesla’s broken cruise control.

How to Address the Model 3 Cruise Control Not Working Issue

You can clear the Radar & Sensor Obstruction and clean the Front Camera or try charging. Your Tesla will perform an update, calibrate the cameras, and then restart the system.

Make the front camera clean.

The cruise control feature also uses the front camera to determine whether another vehicle is in front of you.

Model 3 Cruise Control Unavailable
Model 3 Cruise Control Unavailable

However, the cruise control won’t activate if the camera visibility is poor. This safety feature protects you and other motorists on the road. The visibility of your Tesla’s camera can be affected by several things, including objects, dirt, weather conditions, direct sunlight, and mist. You must remove any obstacles or circumstances that are reducing the camera’s visibility to fix this problem. Although condensation inside camera enclosures cannot be removed with a cloth, the following steps will typically help you clear it more quickly:

  1. Turn on the A/C and pre-cool the cabin with the temperature set to High.
  2. Turn on the defroster for the front windshield.
  3. The door pillar cameras should be exposed to the air vents.

Obstruction to Radar & Sensors is Clear

Model 3 Cruise Control Unavailable
Model 3 Cruise Control Unavailable

The cruise control system in a Tesla uses sensors and cameras to determine the vehicle’s surroundings. The front radar on your Tesla is housed in the front bumper. Autosteer and Traffic-Aware Cruise Control will only work if the radar has good visibility. Clean the sensor/radar thoroughly to eliminate any impurities hindering its performance from solving this problem. You can consult the owner’s manual if you need clarification on where the radar or sensor is. 

Model 3 Cruise Control Unavailable
Model 3 Cruise Control Unavailable

Power up your Tesla. The cruise control system may stop working to save energy if the car’s battery is low. Here, the problem can be solved by charging your Tesla.

Maintain Your Tesla’s mechanical components are less important than computer technology. It’s possible to run into problems using some of the features on your car’s older software version. Tesla releases software updates for its cars regularly, some of which can include enhancements and bug fixes for the Autopilot feature. Download the latest patch to eliminate all bugs and errors.

Reboot the system after calibrating the cameras.

Model 3 Cruise Control Unavailable
Model 3 Cruise Control Unavailable

The camera must self-calibrate before the feature is accessible following a reset or the first use of cruise control. Anywhere from 20 to 25 miles must be traveled for this process. 


Why won’t my Tesla 3’s cruise control function?

The most frequent causes of a malfunctioning Tesla 3 cruise control include failed control modules, sensor or switch issues, or issues with the actuation of the throttle.

Model 3 Cruise Control Unavailable
Model 3 Cruise Control Unavailable
Why won’t my cruise control function?

The easiest explanation involves a blown fuse. Your cruise control won’t function if the fuse in it is damaged. The cruise control won’t function properly if the speed sensor or speedometer malfunctions because it depends on this component to do its job.

How do you turn the Model 3’s cruise control back on?

Keep the drive stalk raised for no longer than one second. By doing so, the Model 3 enters Neutral and turns off Traffic-Aware Cruise Control. Once the drive stalk is fully down, release it to resume cruising.

What could cause the adaptive cruise control to malfunction?

The cruise control might stop working if the vacuum actuator, hoses, or spiral cable are broken. You should refrain from using your car’s cruise control if it suddenly stops functioning until the issue is identified and fixed. You should take your car to a licensed auto mechanic.


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