The widespread use of EVs has led to an increase of new models available to users. This article will compare two luxury electric vehicles, the ID 4 Pro and ID 4 Pro S, to help you choose your future car with confidence. Let’s find out the competition between ID 4 pro vs pro s.


Introduction to ID 4 Pro Vs Pro S

id 4 pro vs pro s

In the electric vehicle market, the ID 4 professional and Pro S place upright out as two of the to the highest degree sought-after options. Volkswagen makes both, and it’s a reputable and well-liked name in the car business. Electric cars are better than gasoline-powered cars in more ways. For example, they work less pollution, cost less to run, and are quieter.

When looking for an electric car, you should consider the battery range, how hanker it takes to charge, and its features. Here, we’ll closely examine these aspects of the ID 4 Pro and Pro S.

Battery Range

id 4 pro vs pro s

When shopping for an EV, the number of miles the battery can power the vehicle is crucial. This figure indicates the maximum distance that may be moon-splashed on a single charge of the battery.

While some of the ID 4 professional and Pro S have long battery lives, thither are some distinctions between the two.

According to estimates, the ID 4 Pro can go 250 miles on a single charge, while the Pro S can travel 220 miles. Although equally remarkable, the ID 4 Pro’s battery life is marginally superior.


id 4 pro vs pro s

Both the ID 4 Pro and the ID 4 Pro S are distinguished examples of luxury electric vehicles. While the ID 4 Pro can be purchased for approximately $41,000, the ID 4 Pro S can be purchased for approximately $38,000.

The Pro S is less expensive than the ID 4 Pro. Nevertheless, the battery life is shorter, and it takes a longer clock to charge. That’s why it’s crucial to compare the savings to the amenities and advantages of each vehicle.


The ID 4 Pro has a panoramic sunroof, a high-tech undefined help system with adaptive undefined control and lane-keeping assist, and an entertainment system with a 10-inch tablet.

On the other hand, the professional S has a panoramic sunroof, a timbre sound system, and a integer instrument empanel that is 12.3 inches in size.

Adaptive undefined control and lane-keeping attend are only two of the features of the high-tech driver-aid system.

Both vehicles are great options for shoppers because of their many convenient features.

Charging Time

Consideration of Charging Time is also crucial when picking an electric car. The time it takes to charge a completely discharged battery fully is meant here. While both the ID 4 Pro and Pro S support fast charging, they do so in slightly different ways.

A 125 kW DC fast charger is included interior the ID 4 Pro, allowing for a full charge from 5% to 80% in only 38 minutes. However, the professional S has a 100 kW DC fast charger, which can fully tear the battery from 5% to 80% in just 45 minutes.

However, for drivers who regularly use fast charging stations, even a seemingly insignificant reduction in charging time can significantly impact efficiency and convenience.


In sum, the ID 4 Pro and Pro S are both superior electric cars that excel in a number of ways. The ID 4 Pro has a longer battery life and charges faster, while the Pro S costs less and has better sound quality.

The final decision between the two options is entirely up to your own tastes and priorities. The ID 4 Pro is recommended if you value battery life and quick charging periods. The Pro S is a better option if you value a high-quality sound system and want to save a little money.

Volkswagen, a manufacturer with a strong reputation for qualifying high-quality cars that can be depended upon, is the firm that is causative for manufacturing both of these autos.

Therefore, you can have peace of take care knowing that acquiring an electric vehicle is a long-term investment fund that will produce a profit in the future.

In conclusion, individuals wishing to make the transition to an electric car can’t go wrong with either the ID 4 Pro or Pro S. They are some of the finest products available in the luxury EV market, boasting exceptional battery ranges, rapid charging speeds, and a wide variety of features.


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