Is your Tesla windshield cracked or damaged? Can you repair a small windshield crack, or do you have to replace it? Does Tesla replace windshields for free? Or should you pay exorbitant amounts to have it replaced?


Tesla windshield crack

Cracks occurring in a Tesla windshield are quite common. This is partly due to the automatic climate control system of the car. Tesla windshield cracks occur due to the differences in the internal and external temperatures of the car.

When you park in places of extreme climate; for example, in the freezing snow or under the hot scorching sun, the differences in temperature within and without the car can cause the windshield to crack.

Tesla windshield cracks are more common than you think. The glass is wider than windows, and temperature changes affect it more. To add to that, the air vent is situated right behind the windshield, causing contrasting temperatures. The layers of glass expand at different rates and can crack or break.

Keep in mind that a windshield crack must not be overlooked, however small. A stitch in time can save nine. If you ignore a crack, it will only grow wider with time and become unrepairable.

Small windshield cracks can be easily repaired using over-the-counter glass fillers. You only have to buy a windshield repair kit and follow the DIY instructions to repair the crack. Read this list of the best windshield repair kits of 2023.

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But if the crack is too wide or if there are too many, you will have to replace the entire windshield. The general rule is that small cracks that are not deep halfway through the glass and not longer than six inches can be repaired. Anything more severe will have to have a Tesla windshield replacement.

You will also have to take care that the small imperfections after a repair do not impair visual operations and disrupt the camera view of the autopilot system.

Does Tesla Replace Windshields?

Yes, they do. Whether it’s windshield damage or any kind of Tesla repair, you can only get it fixed at a Tesla service center or a Tesla-approved body shop.

If your windshield needs replacement, be sure to take it to a Tesla service station because they will ensure that the multiple sensors and cameras are in place after the replacement. But be warned, Tesla windshield replacements are costly. You also cannot get it replaced with any other type of glass. It would have to be a windshield manufactured by Tesla.

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If your Tesla warranty period is still not over, then you may be able to have the windshield replaced for free. But there are conditions there too. If the damage has been caused by an impact, the warranty is not valid. But if the glass cracks by itself, which shows a manufacturing defect, it will be covered. If you have Tesla insurance, too, you will likely be able to get the glass replaced for free.

How much does it cost for a Tesla windshield replacement?

Tesla might have reduced the cost of cars. But repairing a Tesla when damaged is still very complicated and costly. They are high-maintenance cars that are easily totaled. (Read ‘Are Teslas easily totaled?’ for more information)

The cost of replacing a windshield is based on several factors, like your service center and your car’s model. But expect to spend anywhere between $1000 and $2500 for a replacement.

Part of these exorbitant prices come from the semi and fully automated systems of a Tesla. Tesla smart cars come with such intricate systems of cameras and sensors placed close to the windshield that replacing has to be done with a lot of expertise and car. The replacement process is a combination of manual and automated processes. The smart technology integrated with the windshield must be recalibrated carefully. Any mistakes can also lead to serious safety hazards.

The average cost of Model S windshield replacement costs $575-950, and Model Y would cost $1565-1685. A Model 3 windshield replacement costs $1600-1750, and Model X $1450-2300.

If your crack is minor, you will be able to get your windshield crack repaired from $55-$75 at a Tesla service center.

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Does Tesla replace windshields? Summary

Yes, Tesla does replace windshields, but the replacement will cost you a lot. A Tesla windshield replacement can cost you anywhere between $1000 to $2500, depending on the expertise needed and your car model. A minor crack, however, can be fixed with an over-the-counter windshield repair kit or be repaired at a service center for $55-75. You will be able to have your windshield replaced for free if your car’s warranty is not void.

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