Buying a Tesla, owning one, and driving it is a unique experience. Teslas are in a class by themselves when it comes to cars. Many features on these cars make it a pleasure to own them. But when it comes to cleaning and maintenance, do you have to hand wash a Tesla? The answer is with us.

Do you have to hand wash a Tesla?

Like any other car, it’s important to keep yours clean and well-maintained if you want it to run as well as possible. Keeping your Tesla clean is not only a common thing to do, but it’s also an easy and effective way to keep it looking great. Have you ever wondered if a Tesla can go through a car wash without getting stuck? It’s a question that Tesla owners and fans often ask. Let’s investigate this topic and see if washing your Tesla at a car wash is good. 


Do you have to hand wash a Tesla?

Cleaning your Tesla is considered the safest way to do it. The two-bucket method is a great way to wash your Tesla car. If your car isn’t too dirty, wash it without water or rinsing it.

Tesla Car washing

Do you have to hand wash a Tesla?

Tesla owners have a few options for washing their cars, and each has pros and cons. Even though it’s the easiest, a self-service car wash can be dangerous. On the other hand, a hand car wash takes a lot longer but is safer and cleaner. A touchless car wash can give you the best of both worlds while putting you at less risk of getting hurt.

Some Tesla owners might rather wash their cars at home. Some people might need more time and like an automatic car wash. No matter which option you choose, you must be very careful with your electric car.

Hand Wash for Tesla

Do you have to hand wash a Tesla?

One of the best things about hand-washing your Tesla is that you can clean the inside and outside of the car better. Even though an automatic car wash can make your car look clean and shiny, it’s important to remember that it’s easy to miss some spots. These include the grooves and hard-to-reach places that may need to be cleaned better when the machine does its job.

Hand-washing your Tesla is a practical way to take care of it and a great way to make sure the paint lasts and looks good overall. By washing your Tesla by hand, you are protecting its exterior and ensuring that it will look good and stay strong for years to come. Wax or shine can often cover up spots of dirt, grime, or debris that were missed when washing. If you want the best results when waxing or polishing your car, you should give it the extra care and attention a hand wash gives.

Hand Washing Steps

Step 1: Before you clean your Tesla, wash it first. In this step, you will use water to wash the car. This gets rid of dirt and leaves the surface clean.   

Step 2: Second, use the two-bucket method to clean your Tesla. With this method, your car is clean from top to bottom. With two buckets, you can start washing a car. In the first bucket, mix car wash soap with care. It will make the car clean. The dirty water should go into the second bucket, making rinsing your wash mitt easy. This step keeps your mitt clean and out of soapy water. First, put soapy water on your mitt. Clean every part of your car. After cleaning, use the second bucket to rinse or squeeze the mitt. Cleaning your car in sections makes sure it’s clean all over. You’ll be able to see everything.  

Step 3: the next important step is to dry your car. The best way to dry your car is with microfiber towels. Towels made of microfiber are great for soaking up water. They are great for jobs that have to do with water. So that they don’t scratch things, these towels are soft. After drying the car, make sure to check everything.  

Touchless car washing

Do you have to hand wash a Tesla?

Touchless car washes work the same way that automatic ones do. First, choose a way to clean that you like. After choosing, go to a machine and put in your payment information. This keeps things running smoothly and lets you wash your car without touching it. This car wash is made up of tunnels or bays.

Tesla owners can drive their cars into the car wash without touching them. Once the car is in place, the equipment will move around and clean every part of it. In the tunnel option, a conveyor belt moves the Tesla car and cleaning tools.

Touchless car washes don’t use cloth strips or spinning brushes. Automatic car washes come in more than just the ones we’re used to. Modern features make it easy to take care of a car. Other car washes that are automatic:

  • Car wash without brushes.
  • Wash cars gently.
  • Most people use automatic car washes.

Waterless car washers

A car wash that doesn’t use water to clean cars is called “waterless.” You only need a car wash that doesn’t use water and some good microfiber towels to clean your car. With these tools, you don’t need water to clean your car quickly and well. It’s a simple way to wash your car without water. This method is broken down into steps:   

  • To get your car in order, divide it into sections. 
  • The second step is to spray the waterless car wash on your car’s body. Please don’t touch it.   
  • After the substance has had time to work, wipe it off gently with a soft microfiber towel. Don’t wipe in a circle, but do it gently. One direction only.   
  • Use a different microfiber towel for each part of your car to clean it well.  

How to put Tesla in car wash mode?

You have to Touch the controls menu first to get to the car wash mode on your Tesla. Choose “Services” from the list of options. Tap “Car Wash Mode” to finish. This makes it easy to turn on the car wash mode on your Tesla Model Y. The car wash mode on a Tesla makes it easier to clean a car with this feature; doors and windows close independently. This keeps water and dirt from getting into the car when it’s being washed.

It turns off the windshield wipers and Sentry Mode to clean the car without interruption. With the car wash mode, taking care of your Tesla is easier than ever. The car wash mode will end if you drive faster than ten mph or accidentally touch the screen exit button.


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