Teslas usually boast excellent resilience against harsh weather conditions and stability due to their standard dual-motor-all-wheel drive, overall weight and low center of gravity. So do Teslas need snow chains?


Do Teslas Need Snow Chains?

The kind of tires you need for your car depends a lot on the weather outside your windows. Snow chains are often used for larger vehicles like pickups and trucks. But do Teslas need snow chains too?

If the snow is deep enough, then then the answer is yes. Snow chains are special chains that are wrapped around your tires for better traction on extremely muddy and snowy roads.

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But here are some things to keep in mind. When fitting your Tesla with a pair of snow chains, you can’t use just any snow chain lying in your garage. You will have to use the perfect-sized ones meant specially for the specific Tesla tire size. Attaching snow chains also means that your speed limits are highly limited. You will not be able to drive more than 40 Mph at most. Driving with snow chains will also reduce your drive range and efficiency of energy consumption.

Another important rule to keep in mind is that you only need to install snow chains on the rear wheels of a Tesla. And it is also important to use only snow chains that are recommended by the company. Unsuitable snow chains will cause suspension and other vehicle damage.

When Do You Use Snow Chains on a Tesla?

You should only consider using snow chains if the snow is very deep, and driving on it with normal tires will not provide enough traction. Use tires if your entire drive is going to be in deep snow. If you find roads that are clear, plowed clean or salted, then it is important that you pull over your Tesla and remove the chains.

Snow chains are fitted for added safety. Driving on deep snow can be slippery and dangerous, so it’s always a good idea to fit on snow chains. Snow chains are recommended even when you are using winter tires. They give added stability and traction, especially when driving on mountainous terrain. Snow chains give you more control in slippery conditions.

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Are there any disadvantages to using snow chains on your Tesla?

Yes, there are many. Firstly, it impedes your speed. You cannot drive faster than 40mph. Your drive range also drastically reduces, and thereby, energy consumption is high. Your chances of getting stalled in the middle of snow with a low battery charge are high.

Another con is that when you suddenly come to roads that are cleaned and plowed, you can no longer drive with chains. You have to pull over ad have them removed. If you don’t, you can do some serious damage to your tires, vehicle and the road.

In addition, Snow chains can be very expensive, cumbersome and difficult to install. This is especially when you try to install them when the snow is deep. It’s always best to install snow chains as soon as it starts snowing to make things easier.

However, in spite of all the cons, driving through deep snow with snow chains does give much more traction, stability and safety.

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How to use snow chains on a Tesla the correct way

Always use snow chains that are approved by Tesla and install them only on the rear wheels.

If your Tesla has aero covers, they must be removed before installing the tire chains. If you don’t, the vehicle and tires can be damaged, and this will not be covered by a Tesla warranty.

When you are installing the tire chains, follow the instructions of the snow chain manufacturer clearly. You must install them evenly and tightly.

Always inspect the chains for loose fittings and damaged links before you install them. Avoid carrying heavy loads on your Tesla when the snow chains are on.

Drive slowly as possible, and don’t exceed 40mph. You must remove the chains as soon as the roads are clear.
It might seem easier to deflate your tires and then install the chains. But don’t do this, as it will cause tire damage. When you inflate the tires again, they might be fitted too tightly.
Stop driving and investigate as soon as you hear the snow chains making unusual noises as your drive.
Here is a step-by-step guide on how to install snow chains on your Tesla the right way.

Do Teslas Need Snow Chains? Summary

Yes, Teslas do need snow chains in deep snow as they provide better traction and stability. But they must be only fitted on rear wheels, and speeds must not exceed 40mph. Always use tire chains recommended by Tesla and use the correct chain size according to the tire size.

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