Can Tesla charge at Electrify America? The answer is yes. However, you’ll need an additional device and some forethought. The Electrify America network uses CCS1 connectors, the standard for charging electric vehicles. Tesla vehicles, on the other hand, employ incompatible rival (NACS) connections. 

can tesla charge at electrify america

Here we will explain and describe everything you need to know about charging your Tesla car at an Electrify America station. We will also discuss the different charging station types and other FAQ-related questions related to Tesla charging.


How Can Tesla charge at Electrify America?

Fact No: 01 

It would help if you had an adapter that goes from CCS to Tesla to fast charge your Tesla. Costing between $200 and $250, the physical adapter needed to connect the charging station’s CCS1 wire to the Tesla’s NACS connection. You can check our best CCS ports list on the market. The adapters might only work with Tesla cars made in October 2020. Find out if the things you want to buy will work together before you buy them. Take these steps to make sure you’re compatible.

can tesla charge at electrify america

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One critical and most important thing to consider is how the charging session will be paid. Most Electrify America stations have places where you can use a credit card. The Electrify America app makes it easy to turn on charging spots and track how they are being charged. Download the America app to track how your car is charging easily. Electrify America gives its customers two price levels to choose from. The first is the Guest price level, which is good for people who only need to charge occasionally. The second level is a $4-a-month club that gives users discounts on other items.

Fact No: 03

One important thing to consider is properly preparing the Tesla battery to make fast charging work well. When using Superchargers, this is taken care of by the Navigation system in a smooth way. But it’s important to know that third-party charge stations don’t heat the battery before the car does. Smart users of electric cars have found a way to pre-heat their car’s battery by smartly using the navigation system. 

can tesla charge at electrify america

The battery can be warmed up before use by choosing a Supercharger spot nearby and then going to an Electrify America station. Let the battery warm up for 15 minutes before charging for the best results. This pre-charging step can greatly speed up kW charging and ensure the battery is used efficiently. When charging your device in the winter, it’s important to consider how cold it is. If you don’t do this, your charge stops may last longer than expected.

Can Electrify America Try for My Tesla?

The United States boasts of the largest Level 3 network, the Tesla Supercharger Network. It is designed to cater to the charging needs of electric vehicles during long trips. An in-car trip planner is a handy tool that handles all your charging stops, ensuring a hassle-free journey. Although Superchargers are widely available, there may be instances where they are not accessible in certain areas or are subject to congestion at highly frequented locations.

Occasionally, the food options near Supercharging stations may need to be more satisfactory. To ensure a smooth and hassle-free journey, verifying the availability of Electrify America or ChargePoint stations along your planned route is highly recommended. Electrify America offers energy pricing that is comparable to Supercharges. However, having access to various charging options gives drivers greater flexibility and control over their travel plans.

What chargers can Tesla use?

can tesla charge at electrify america

If you want to find a charging station that works with your SAE J1772 charger, look for ones that say “J1772.” If you need a 120-volt machine, you should look for one that says so. The Mobile Connector is a safe way to charge your phone at these sites. The Mobile Connector should be kept in the trunk when it’s not being used so that it’s easy to get to.

Can Tesla charge at any charging station?

Tesla owners have access to a wide variety of charging stations, as there are more than 40,000 across the United States. If you own a Tesla, you can get a charge at Hertz, Tesla, a third party, or a public location. This greatly enhances the convenience of always having fully charged vehicles. The Mobile Connector kit makes it simple to use a standard wall socket (120V) to power your device.

What adapter is needed to charge Tesla on Electrify America?

If you want to increase your fast-charging options, the Tesla CCS Combo 1 Adapter is great. This adapter makes it simple to increase your charging choices and get your Tesla charged more quickly. Say farewell to waiting around while charging, and welcome to a faster, easier process. Today is the day to get the Tesla CCS Combo 1 Adapter and step up your charging game.

The adapter’s outstanding charging speed of 250 kW makes it the better choice for individuals who value convenience over time when charging. It also works with charging stations made by other companies, giving its owners more options. Many Tesla models are compatible with the CCS Combo 1 Adapter. However, remember that certain models could need extra components to work properly.

Can any car use Electrify America?

Electrify America’s charging points are equipped with the most common open standards, such as CCS, CHAdeMO, and J1772. This trait makes it easy for almost all-electric cars on the road right now to plug in and charge. In the United States, Tesla cars have a special connector that can’t be used with normal CCS or CHAdeMO charge stations without a special adapter.

Why is Electrify America so expensive?

The company of Electricity America says that the price increase is due to rising costs for energy and running the business. Electrify America is happy to be the biggest fast-charging network in the United States. It has 800 stations and 3500 DC fast chargers, which is a lot.

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